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Welcome to homefitnessbuilder.com, a resource for health driven men and women who are looking for solutions to get fit from the comfort of their own home! HomeFitnessBuilder helps individuals who have limited time and want to pursue their fitness venture without the headaches of paying for a gym membership. 

Owning your own personal fitness equipment can help you save time by not having to commute and can eliminate any distractions or limitations that you may have when visiting your local gym. In additions to saving time, owning your own gear can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run. 

We are here to help you build and personalize your very own home fitness gym by providing helpful and informative product reviews that meet every kind of goal and budget. Whether its weight-loss or building strength and muscle, HomeFitnessBuilder can help you put together the perfect home fitness setup!

Helping You Every Step Of The Way!

Want tips on weight-loss, building muscle and nutrition while you get fit at home? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Our publishers have a solid background when it comes to helping others improve their overall well-being and are here to pay it forward by providing you with tips that are based off of the most latest in research.

Whether you need a little boost of motivation or need help in creating a home fitness plan, we are here to help you achieve success so you can live a more healthier and active lifestyle.

With your own personal fitness gear and a game plan you can execute, we can help you eliminate all excuses as to why you cant become the best version of yourself by helping you take ownership of your fitness journey. So, get ready to work hard and move towards the direction of becoming a better and healthier you. 


Our Mission & Values

Our goal is to help families, couples, and individuals who want to get fit, save time and money by guiding them into choosing the best workout equipment for their space. We understand that everyone is different and has their own unique set of goals, which is why we strive to create guides and content that is tailored to everyone.

HomeFitnessBuilder.com strives to help you achieve a successful home fitness lifestyle by assessing 4 key factors. These include:

  • your fitness goals
  • the amount of available space you have in your home
  • your budget
  • the best products available
We take an unbiased and honest approach when reviewing and recommending home fitness products. This allows our visitors to make an informed and educated decision when planning their home fitness setup. No salesy pitches or pushy tactics, just real and informative guides to help you succeed!

About Me...The Publisher

Hi, I’m Daniel!  I have a health and fitness background of over 10 years which started just before serving in the Canadian forces. While perusing my career as an artillery man, I was a part-time personal trainer in the forces. My passion and desire to help others better their health and overall fitness grew the more I shared my experiences, tips, and techniques around bodybuilding and weight-loss.

Shortly after I left the military and moved back to the hustle and bustle of the big city, I continued helping others with their personal fitness goals. However, I soon came to realize that living in the big city meant more time spent driving to the gym and more preparation, which meant having less time in your day-to-day schedule. I felt like building my own gym was the perfect solution to gain back a few extra hours a day, so I went on to learn everything I could about choosing the right equipment, maximizing space, and saving the most amount of money when building a personal gym. 

I felt like sharing all that I learned and recommending the best products was a responsibility, which is why I started homefitnessbuilder.com, a resource to help people like you, gain back that time and money and gaining control over your fitness own personal fitness goals, on your own time!


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