5 Best Free Standing Punching Bags

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Are you looking for a heavy-duty punching bag but do not want to risk putting a hole in the ceiling? Whether you’re a renter or simply lack the structural integrity to mount your punching bag, a free standing punching bag could be an excellent solution for you.

Free standing punching bags are the same idea as a traditional heavy bag but are mounted onto a round base filled with gravel, sand, or water. And while you may not think that a free standing bag could withstand your out-of-this-world moves, there’s a chance that you simply may not have found the right one.

In this buyer’s guide, we take a look at the best free standing punching bags on the market, so you can easily choose one to add to your home gym. One of the best features of free standing punching bags as opposed to the traditionally mounted bags? They can be moved around far more easily and even moved outside, so you’re never limited on space.

Let’s take a look at our complete roundup of the best free standing punching bags so you can get started ASAP.

Reviewing The Best Free Standing Punching Bags and Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

Century Wavemaster XXL | Freestanding Punching Bag with Base | Heavy Bag Boxing Martial Arts Kickboxing Bag | Optimal Strength and Cardio Training Bag
Century BOB XL with Base Unit | Body Opponet Bag | Mannequin Bag, Martial Artists, Fitness Pros, Athletes Training | Extended Torso | Tactical & Self-Defense Training
FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag 70”-205lbs with Boxing Gloves Heavy Boxing Bag with Suction Cup Base for Adult Youth Kids – Men Stand Kickboxing Bag for Home Office
RDX Punching Bag Heavy Boxing Bag, 14pc Filled 4ft 5ft Anti Swing Kickboxing Adult Set, Maya Hide Leather, Punch Gloves Wall Bracket Hanging Chain Floor Hook, Muay Thai MMA Home Fitness Gym Training
Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

Century Wavemaster XXL

You’re going to need some serious space set aside for the Century Wavemaster XXL, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. This free standing punching bag is heavier than any ceiling-mounted home gym heavy bag and weighs up to 270 lbs when filled with water or sand. This ultimate training bag offers you the largest kicking and punching surface on the market, at a whopping 69 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter and can withstand the heaviest blows.

The surface of the Century Wavemaster XXL is also incredibly high quality, with a durable vinyl cover that sits atop the high-density foam. The low-profile base and the ultra-stable weight distribution prevent this bag from toppling over and are guaranteed to hold up during the toughest training routines. Plus, you’re getting a super high-quality punching bag that doesn’t require any tools to assemble.


  • Available in blue or red
  • Weighs up to 270 lbs when combined with base
  • Extra-large martial arts training bag
  • High-quality vinyl striking surface
  • High-density foam fill
  • Low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution
  • Fills with either sand or water
  • Stands 69 inches tall and measures a full 18 inches in diameter


  • Isn’t spring-loaded
  • Some have experienced a base sliding issue if not filled with sand and/or when not using rubber matting

Century BOB XL

Serious about training and looking for a lifelike opponent to practice on? Look no further than the Century BOB XL. That’s right; you can purchase a super realistic, torso-shaped, free standing punching bag (take that mounted punching bag!). Whether you’re a boxer or would get something out of tackling a more lifelike opponent, then the BOB XL punching dummy may be for you.

While many martial arts studios practice with this exact model of punching dummy, you can easily buy one for yourself off of Amazon as a proud addition to your home gym. Like the Century Wavemaster XXL, this free standing punching bag gets seriously heavy and can be filled with 270 lbs of water or sand, on top of its already 50 lb weight.

Its high-strength plastisol body is filled with urethane foam, giving you a striking surface for all your best moves. Plus, this punching bag allows for adjustable height, making it the perfect opponent until and if you’re ready for the real thing.


  • Ideal for martial artists who are learning to strike different areas of an opponent
  • Weighs a combined 320 lbs when filled with sand or water
  • Extremely realistic
  • Can be easily relocated due to rounded base
  • Resilient and reliable
  • Contains both a torso and upper legs
  • Multiple height settings
  • Made of high-strength plastisol filled with urethane foam


  • Do not experience the same swinging movement as with a standard heavy bag
  • Expensive

FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag

The FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag is the most affordable on our list and also the only one that already comes with its own high-quality boxing gloves. This durable free standing punching bag offers everything you need at an affordable price. Standing 70” tall and weighing up to 205 lbs when filled with sand, this is an ideal punching bag for the entire family.

The FITVEN Freestanding Punching bag has been crafted with multi-layer construction, with each layer being carefully chosen. From its stainless steel tube stand to its high-density EPE foam, you won’t ever have to worry about tears.

This free standing punching bag also has a shock-absorbing system, with dual TPU absorbers and 4 springs delivering a 15-45° fast-rebound, 360° shock, plus noise absorption. All in all, users are impressed with the capabilities of this product, especially for its low price.


  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Shock absorbing system
  • Relatively quiet
  • Weighs up to 205 lbs when filled with sand
  • Durable and reliable material
  • Includes high-quality boxing gloves
  • Stable floor sucking plastic base
  • Tear-resistant


  • Some have found the floor suction power to be too weak
  • Not as heavy as other free standing punching bags on the market

RDX Punching Bag

The RDX Punching Bag can be filled with up to a whopping 265 lbs of sand, making this one of the heaviest and sturdiest punching bags on our list. This high-quality free standing punching bag is made of the most resilient Maya Hide leather and includes high-density foam padding. At 71 inches tall and an extra wide 14 inches in diameter, this punching bag is one of the biggest free standing punching bags on the market. Great for beginners, amateurs, and pros alike, this punching bag seriously means business.

The RDX Punching Bag includes 8 extendable legs, allowing you to expand its plastic base to 35 inches, dramatically adding to its ability to stabilize when hit or kicked. Combined with its 17 suction cups and its ability to be filled with up to 265 lbs of sand or 176 lbs of water, you won’t t have to worry about this beast toppling over.


  • Available in a variety of bright color options
  • Affordable for the quality
  • Suitable for beginners, amateurs, and pros
  • Made with multi-layers of resilient Maya Hide leather with high-density foam padding
  • Ideal for training for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing
  • Stands at over 71 inches (6 feet) tall
  • Features patent-pending Octa-Truss technology with 8 extendable legs
  • Can be filled with up to 265 lbs of sand or 176 lbs of water
  • Contains 17 suction cups to aid in stabilizing base
  • Its dense foam protector acts as a sleeve and enhances the striking surface
  • Includes high-quality punching bag mitts made with Maya Hide leather


  • May not be for super heavy hitters

Century Versys Fight Simulator

Noted as being the most versatile system on the market, the Century Versys Fight Simulator is ideal for both stand-up and ground training. Additionally, it is one free standing boxing bag that is actually designed to be knocked over. Ideal for MMA work, this standing punching bag is a great alternative to fighting with a partner and/or is a great way to prepare for doing so.

Due to the fact that the Century Versys Fight Simulator is meant to be knocked over, this is by far the lightest standing punching bag on our list, at only 100 lbs. It is also pre-filled with sand, requiring little to no assembly upon delivery.

One of the best things about this punching bag is the fact that it offers more than three times the striking surface of a typical standing punching bag. Its durable vinyl shell and pre-filled sand base give you low impact results during maximum force strikes and kicks, making it easy to use for aerobic conditioning, endurance, speed, and technique training.

For those looking for both a standard free standing bag and a grappling dummy, this free standing punching bag is truly the best of both worlds.


  • Ideal for both stand-Up and ground training
  • Ideal for martial arts athletes
  • Great alternative to sparring with a real-life partner
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Little to no setup upon delivery
  • Offers more than three times the striking surface of a typical bag
  • Equipped with top and bottom handles for athletes who want to fine-tune their technique
  • Movement of bag improves your timing and reflexes when striking
  • Punch bag comes pre-filled with sand


  • Weighs only 100 lbs
  • Stability issues

Our Top Pick, And Why!

We picked the Century Wavemaster XXL as our best free standing punching bag. 

The quality and stability of this punching bag is great for both novice and experience users. Its a reliable product for the price and we believe it would make a great addition to any home gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages and Benefits of Free standing Punching Bags?

We get it; you’re disappointed you don’t have the proper space for a mounted heavy bag. However, while these are generally the first choice for professionals, there is no reason why you can’t get the absolute most out of your free standing punching bag when it comes to your home gym and leave the mounted heavy bag for your commercial gym.

Let’s look at the advantages of purchasing a free standing punching bag over a mounted punching bag:

No Mounting Required

This is probably the reason you’ve chosen to buy a free standing punching bag, right? However, several tools are required to mount a hanging heavy bag, plus you need to make sure that your ceiling possesses the structural integrity to hold up to 200 lbs. You will also need to locate a ceiling joist or support beam, which becomes more of a task if your home doesn’t feature visible ceiling joists.

Free standing punching bags simply require you to fill the base with sand, gravel, or water to be stable. And the best part about this feature? There is no chance of putting a hole in your wall. 

Ultimately, free standing punching bags are a better option when it comes to installation. Hanging a punching bag properly can be chore, which is why freestanding options can work in your favor when wanting to get started quickly.  


Let’s face it, moving a mounted punching bag would be quite the ordeal, so you need to be absolutely sure that this is the location you want it in for a good, long time. One of the main benefits of free standing punching bags is the fact that they are much easier to move.

Not only can you move it outside on a nice day, but you can also store your free standing punching bag away when you’re done with it. This makes owning a punching bag in a smaller space like an apartment a lot more manageable.

If you do believe that you would like to move your standing-punching bag on a regular basis, consider filling it with water instead of sand or gravel. Water can be easily drained before moving your standing punching bag, while gravel and sand are messier and more difficult to completely remove from the base.

More Flexibility in Your Moves

Free standing punching bags allow for much more flexibility than mounted punching bags when it comes to the types of moves you can perform. A free standing punching bag can allow you to perform a full range of combination strikes, including low/high punches, the ability to use your elbows, knees, as well as side, front, and round kicks.

Plus, you can’t exactly perform a takedown or a ground and pound on a mounted punching bag, can you? Unless your mounted punching bag falls crashing from the ceiling (which you do not want), the answer is no.

Are There Drawbacks to Free Standing Punching Bags?

Just as there are drawbacks to mounted punching bags, there are drawbacks to free standing punching bags. Even though free standing punching bags aren’t less expensive than mounted punching bags, they are generally less substantial.

If you are a stronger and more experienced user, you may find that you can knock over a free standing punching bag much more easily than a mounted heavy bag. However, many users find that this isn’t a problem for them and can enjoy a free standing punching bag just as much as a mounted one.

Should I Purchase a Free Standing Punching Bag?

The best free standing punching bag can be a great at-home solution for beginners to novice fighters or those who are simply looking for a way to relieve some stress. Each of the five free standing punching bags we have covered in our buying guide brings something different to the table, with different sizes, weights, and purposes. No matter which you choose, a free standing heavy bag is an excellent and portable addition to your home gym!

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