Best Resistance Band for Building Muscles

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The best resistance bands for building muscles allow you to perform your favorite workout programs without stepping inside the gym.

These simple-looking elastic bands are suitable for calorie burning or fat shredding and muscle activation.

At the same time, they are portable, easy to store, and relatively affordable.

They are proof that you do not need tons of equipment to strength train or achieve a certain physique.

In short, these training tools are must-haves, whether your fitness goal is to grow your muscles or lose weight.

Whatever stage you are on in your fitness journey, you can’t deny the advantage of resistance band exercises.

They are just as effective as heavy weights of iron and steel.

The problem is that many brands and models are available today. If you do not know what to look for, the whole buying experience might be stressful.

So we did most of the legwork for you by closely examining some of your best choices.

Comparison Chart

Luyata 24-Piece Resistance Bands Set
BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Gym
Mengpipi 11-Piece Resistance Band Set
Odoland 16-Piece Resistance Band Set
Limm Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
Allvocles Resistance Band Set
Whatafit Resistance Bands Set
VEICK Resistance Bands Set
Whatafit 11-Piece Resistance Band Set
WALITO Resistance Bands Set

Best Resistance Bands for Building Muscle Reviewed

1. Luyata 24-Piece Resistance Bands Set

The Luyata set the bar pretty high for other brands with this resistance band set.

This set comes with five stackable bands, five resistance loop bands, two core sliders, and an array of other accessories.

All in all, it has 24 pieces, allowing you to target different muscle groups. It means you can do full-body workouts at home or on the go.


The bands have a wide range of resistance, with the lowest at 10 lbs (yellow) and the highest at 50 lbs (black).

If you are up for a really intense session, you can stack all five of them and create an elastic tension of up to 150 lbs.

On the other hand, the hip bands are perfect for squats and other exercises that strengthen the lower body.

They are also great for yoga, Pilates, and other low-impact, full-body exercises.

All the pieces are made from premium-quality materials, so you can rest assured that they can handle rough use.

Moreover, Luyata uses 100% latex, which means that their resistance bands are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The Luyata Resistance Bands Set will make a great addition to any home gym setup.

It also comes in with a carrying waterproof drawstring bag, so you can take it with you to the office or when traveling.

With this fitness tool, there is really no reason to miss out on your full-body exercises.

The best part is that you do not have to break the bank to get your hands on it. It is one of the best and most complete resistance band sets in its price range.


  • High resistance limit
  • Highly elastic
  • Good band-tension increments
  • Several accessories included


  • A bit expensive
  • Relatively light compared to tube resistance

2. BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Gym

The BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Gym is designed to replace bulky and, more importantly, expensive machines that you often see in high-end gyms.

What makes the resistance band set unique is that it comes with the first-to-market VectorFit Base Platform.


The foldable base or platform is where you stand on while you do your exercise.

It is also where you anchor the resistance bands, allowing you to mimic all the possible exercises you can do with dumbbells or squat racks.

This feature is very important because it means you won’t have to worry about where to attach your bands.

At first glance, you would think that BodyBoss 2.0 is a bit limited in terms of versatility.

This reaction would be understandable because the set comes with just one workout bar, a pair of resistance bands, and a few accessories.

However, a closer look will show you that you can actually do a lot with it, thanks to the multiple anchor points on the base.

Each has been rigorously tested and proven to withstand up to 500 lbs of force.

It means that you can do your workouts without having to hold back.

You could also adjust the bands’ mechanical tension by varying lengths.

That said, the maximum resistance is only 70 to 80 lbs. If you want to take the intensity level up a notch, you must buy additional bands and stack them with the original ones.

Also, note that it is one of the more expensive band sets on the market today. Nevertheless, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.


  • Includes a base
  • Various bands included
  • Versatile design


  • Expensive
  • Need to purchase more bands for a higher resistance range

3. Mengpipi 11-Piece Resistance Band Set

Another product you should consider when shopping around for resistance bands is this set from Mengpipi.

Including the bag, this set has 11 pieces, which might seem like a letdown after the Luyata Band Set.

However, you should not dismiss it too quickly, as it is one of the more popular products today, especially among online buyers.


The set includes five resistance bands, two attachable handles, a pair of ankle straps, and a door anchor.

The included carrying bag allows you to take all the bands and accessories with you if you want to.

Each band can provide a different resistance level, with the highest tension of 50 lbs. 

You could stack them all together to increase this to 150 lbs, which should be enough for those with higher experience levels.

Another feature that makes this set stand out is the range of motion that it supports.

With this fitness tool, you can perform over 100 different kinds of activities for a full-body workout.

You could use it to do shoulder presses, arm workouts, core exercises, glute workouts, and more. 

Whatever your fitness level is, this resistance band set also has you covered. 

What is more, it is made from 100% natural latex, which has good elasticity, wear resistance, and durability.

So if you buy this fitness tool, you can count on it for your exercises for a very long time.

Plus, you do not have to worry about any irritating odor as the grippy handles are sweatproof. 

This feature leaves you free to focus on increasing your muscular strength and improving your fitness level.


  • Various band choices
  • Accommodates all fitness levels
  • Sweatproof material
  • Highly elastic


  • Smaller tension level bands may snap if overextended

4. Odoland 16-Piece Resistance Band Set

Odoland is a popular brand among people who live an active lifestyle.

It offers a wide range of camping equipment, snorkeling gear, winter sports gear, and more.

The 16-Piece Resistance Band Set is one of the bestsellers from its sports and fitness category. 

This product is for you if you are looking for an exercise tool that can kickstart your home gym setup.


This set comes with five bands, each with resistance ranging from five to 25 pounds. 

Like most of today’s top brands, this Odoland offering lets you stack them together for a more intense workout.

The resistance bands are made from latex tubes fitted with reinforced links at the end. Aside from this, they have cushioned handles and solidly built ankle straps.

So in terms of durability and performance, you can count on the band to keep up with you. You can perform every movement safely and comfortably.

This feature is important because it lets you crank up your exercises without worrying about breaking the equipment or hurting yourself.

In addition to the resistance bands, you get four loop bands of varying tensions. Together, these elastic bands help activate different muscle groups for a comprehensive workout.

So even if you do not have access to a gym, you can still do all the exercises that you need to do.

Aside from being an excellent alternative to the gym, this resistance band set will come in handy in physical therapy.

It even comes with a training guide so that you can execute all the moves properly and rebuild your strength without risking injuries.


  • Affordable
  • Well-cushioned handles
  • Good variety with proportional increments


  • Not as long-lasting as the others on this list

5. Limm Loop Exercise Bands

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. In the case of resistance band sets, it can’t get any simpler than this set from Limm.


The Limm Set consists of five loop bands with varying resistances ranging from four to 40 pounds.

Each one is 12 inches long, which is great for targeting different muscle groups.

What sets it farther apart from other brands is that it can stretch to twice its original length. Other elastic bands become too stiff when stretched to a certain level.

The Limm Loop Exercise Bands maintains consistent tension throughout your exercises. 

It is an excellent option for a wide range of experience levels.

The extra light and light bands are suitable for beginner levels and rehabilitation purposes.

An instruction guide is also included in every package, so you won’t have any problems doing the exercises even if you are a newbie.

On the other hand, intermediate and advanced users will find the extra challenge offered by the medium to heavy bands stimulating.

Another feature fitness enthusiasts would love about this resistance band set is that it is very portable.

It comes with a mesh carry bag, so you can take it wherever you go. It’s also very light and won’t take up too much space in your travel bag or backpack.

With this set, you can work out anywhere that you want to, but note that the range of resistance for this set is a bit limited.

You might be better off with other band sets if you are a hardcore gymgoer looking for a heavy-duty fitness tool.


  • Great price point
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Excellent for very small exercises and rehabilitation
  • Highly elastic


  • Very light resistance
  • Short lifespan

6. Allvocles Resistance Band Set

The Allvocles Resistance Band Set is one of the more popular fitness products online, and it is easy to see why.


Each of the elastic bands in this set is made from 100% high-quality natural rubber, a tough material.

You can rest assured that they won’t snap or break as you perform your exercises.

It is designed for a wide range of workouts that burn calories, shed fat, and build muscles, so its durability is quite important.

That is especially true since you can also use the Allvocles Resistance Band Set as support for your pull-ups.

You wouldn’t want it to break as you lift or lower yourself, which might lead to an accident.

You can choose from four band levels, with the lowest ranging from five to 10 pounds. The highest range is 60 to 100 pounds, which is quite high in its class or price range.

That said, if you are looking for a bigger challenge, you could use the bands in combination.

Each band is 81 inches long, a good length for a wide range of exercises.

Aside from pull-ups, you could use them to do squats, arm workouts, push-ups, and more.

In other words, they allow you to target different muscle groups in your entire body.

Like many of today’s top looped bands, the Allvocles Resistance Band Set is very easy to store or transport.

It comes with a waterproof carry bag to protect the elastic bands from the environmental elements when you store and carry it with you.

This accessory allows you to exercise during your break at the office, on vacations, at school, and in other places you wish.

It also makes a great gift to a loved one, especially since it comes with a friendly price tag.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • High resistance level
  • Great value for your money


  • Rubber smell
  • Becomes sticky

7. Whatafit 11-Piece Resistance Band Set

Whatafit is an online company that specializes in workout bands and their accessories.

The 11-Piece Resistance Band Set is one of its most sought-after products in this category.


The set consists of five workout bands, two ankle straps, a pair of handles, and one door anchor.

There is also a drawstring bag for easy storage and transport.

The resistance of the elastic bands ranges between 10 and 50 pounds, which is suitable for home workouts.

That said, you can also clip all five bands to the handles for heavy-duty training.

The handles are made of upgraded no-slip foam for maximum grip and comfort.

They connect to heavy-duty carabiners fitted at the ends of the band.

As for the ankle straps, you can expect the same level of support and durability.

Each one has a good fit and won’t slip out of your leg. More importantly, the bands won’t cause any chafing or discomfort.

On the other hand, the door anchor is solidly built but is designed not to leave any marks on your door or door frame.

All of these pieces work together seamlessly, creating a reliable fitness tool suitable for different workouts.

You can use it for therapy, light training, or intense muscle-building exercises. It can also help you target different muscle groups, including your arms, core, legs, shoulders, and chest.

The entire set only weighs a little over one kilogram, so you won’t have any problems carrying it with you.

With all its features, you’ll be surprised that this set comes with an affordable price tag.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, high-performing resistance band set, you should seriously consider this set from Whatafit.


  • Non-slip design
  • Well-cushioned handles
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Only has five bands
  • Light resistance compared to most of the bands on the list

8. Veick Resistance Band Set

Veick is another brand that many fitness enthusiasts know very well.

It has a wide range of fitness tools and massage products designed for those who live an active lifestyle.

This set is the company’s entry-level offering for the resistance band category.


The Veick Resistance Band Set is designed for yoga, stretching, strength training, muscle building, and other exercises.

Like many of today’s top brands, the Veick elastic bands can maintain true resistance with every movement.

That is one of the many features that make it an excellent tool for general exercises and power weight programs.

It offers the standard range of resistance, which starts at 10 pounds and tops at 50 pounds.

You could also stack all five bands if you want a more challenging workout.

Each band also has sturdy carabiners, so you can go all out during your workouts without worrying about breaking your equipment.

It also comes with a length of 48 inches, which supports a wide range of motion and movements.

This set comes with five elastic bands, a pair each for ankle straps and handles, and one door anchor.

It also has one cloth pouch, allowing you to carry the exercise kit wherever you need to go.

So whether you are indoors or outdoors, there is really no need to miss out on a rewarding workout.

If you buy this resistance band set, it’s like you have a mobile gym all to yourself.

The best part is that it is cheaper than maintaining a gym membership or buying a home gym machine.


  • Packs compactly
  • Highly elastic
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable and reliable carabiners
  • Comes with several attachments


  • Flimsy handles
  • Only comes with five bands
  • Light resistance, unless combined

9. CRecreda 17-Piece Resistance Band Set

If you are looking for something a bit more comprehensive than the two previous brands, try this one from CRecreda.

Each CRecreda set consists of five resistance bands, five loop bands, one figure eight resistance band, and a host of attachments.


The set is designed to activate your entire body and help you achieve whatever fitness goal you set your mind to.

All the elastic bands, including the figure eight resistance band, are made from pure natural latex. This feature makes the bands highly flexible.

It also allows the elastic to recover its original form no matter how many times you stretch it.

This level of pliancy and durability ensures that each band will stand up to frequent and heavy use.

Without any worries or distractions, you can have a laser-like focus on your movements, making each of your workouts more productive.

You can also exercise as often as you need to, as this elastic set will be able to keep up with you.

That is true whether you do hip training, leg training, or other exercises.

The various attachments let you target different muscle groups to achieve the physique you want.

You can do the whole thing from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

That is because each CRecreda Resistance Band Set comes with a carry bag, making it easy to organize and transport all the pieces.

So if you are shopping around for home gym equipment that is both functional and cost-effective, this resistance band set is a safe bet.


  • Highly elastic
  • Good resistance range
  • Durable anchors and handles
  • Great value for money


  •  Instruction manual is a bit confusing
  • No warranty

10. Walito Resistance Band Set

Rounding off this list of resistance band sets is this offering from Walito. 

Walito is a fitness company that has an impressive selection of resistance bands. 

This particular set is one of its bestsellers online.


This set comes with the usual five resistance bands, ranging from 10 lbs to 50 lbs in terms of tension.

You could also combine all of them and increase the total resistance to 150 lbs. 

If you think that you have a low experience level when it comes to fitness, you can start with the lighter bands. 

You can move up to the heftier resistance band as you build up your strength. 

It is fine to use the bands independently up to this point. 

Once you are ready to take things up a notch, you can use them in combination for a more intense workout.   

So whether you want to improve your coordination, boost your stamina, or increase muscle strength and size, this set has you covered. 

In addition, the resistance bands are 51 inches long, which is more than what you would see in some other brands. 

It allows a wide range of motion, which means that you can use it to perform many different types of exercises. 

With all these features, the Walito Resistance Band Set would be a great buy whether you are a newbie or an expert. 

Simply pick the right band that can meet your unique and evolving fitness goals, and then start your workout. 

You can count on this product to be with you in every step of your fitness journey.


  • Affordable
  • Highly elastic
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Short straps
  • No instruction manual
  • Only comes with five bands

FAQs About Resistance Bands

1. Can I build my muscle with resistance band exercises?

Some people think that elastic bands are no match for dumbbells or machines when it comes to building muscles.

They would be wrong for many reasons, but mainly because resistance bands are just as effective as dumbbells in activating entire muscle groups.

Both fitness tools provide varying resistance levels that your muscles must overcome.

What makes the elastic band better is that it constantly puts your body under strain. This way, you won’t be getting any rest in between reps.

It means you would be doing more work, which leads to better results.

With proper technique and the right approach, there is no reason for you not to attain the physique that you want.

The key here is to employ a method called progressive overload.

Consider this: if you use dumbbells to do bicep curls, you do not keep using the same weight.

You use increasingly heavier weights or do more reps as your muscles build strength. The same rule applies when you use resistance bands.

As you progress, you begin using the elastic bands with a higher resistance range.

Alternatively, you could put in more reps or do more sets. This way, you keep working close to muscular failure or even reach it completely.

When this happens, the muscle fibers get damaged, which is part of a normal process called hypertrophy.

When your muscles heal, they become bigger than they were before.

However, this development is contingent on you having adequate rest and proper nutrition. It will give your muscles a chance to recover.

2. What should I look for when shopping around for resistance bands?

While resistance bands are excellent alternatives to dumbbells and other gym equipment, they are not all created equal.

If you are not careful, you might end up wasting money on poorly made elastic bands.

Like most other products, you must be careful when shopping for this fitness tool.

The good thing is that there are several ways to ensure that you get a resistance band set that meets your needs.

  • Types of Resistance Band

One of the first things you need to consider is what type of elastic band to get.

However, you must understand what you are trying to accomplish before you can answer this question.

In the case of muscle building and strengthening of various muscle groups, the tube band is acceptable.

It can help you execute specific movements, but it is versatile enough for a full-body workout.

Loop bands would be more effective if you want to focus on your glutes and legs.

Power bands can also be used for pull-ups, which work your back, biceps, shoulders, and forearms.

  • Range of Resistance

Once you have decided what type of resistance band set to get, the next thing you need to look at is the tension range.

Fortunately, most of the top brands offer multiple bands, allowing them to provide a wide range of resistances.

The lower tension range is suitable for lighter exercises, while the high tension range is great for heavier workouts.

  • Type of Material

Most of today’s top resistance band sets use one of two materials: rubber and latex.

However, aside from the bands, you also need to look at the construction of the accessories.

For instance, the handles and ankle straps must be comfortable while providing ample support.

These qualities depend largely on what materials they are made of.

  • Accessories

Most resistance band sets come with the usual pair of handles and ankle straps. Many of them also include one door anchor and a carrying bag.

Some brands go the extra mile by including other accessories, like a figure eight band or workout bar.

Even if they are a bit more expensive, you might end up getting more value for your money.

3. What are the benefits of resistance bands?

We have talked in passing about the many advantages of using resistance bands.

The first one is that they are very portable and affordable. Not everyone has the budget for a gym membership or expensive home gym exercise machines.

The good thing is that the right resistance band set allows you to do the same workouts for a small fraction of the price.

What is more, these fitness tools are designed not only for home use but also for travel. Most brands even include a carrying bag.

The bag is not just for storage but for transport as well. With its accessibility, you will find it easier to stick to your program and reach your fitness goals sooner.

Another advantage of using resistance bands is that it also recruits stabilizing muscle groups.

That is because the band provides constant tension, which you have to struggle against throughout your exercise.

Unlike dumbbells, where gravity can help you in some movements, you need to control the tension with resistance bands continuously.

In terms of safety, using resistance bands offers fewer risks for injury. Just to illustrate, when you exercise with dumbbells or barbells, you run the risk of dropping the weights.

You could end up hurting yourself or those around you. While losing grip on a resistance band is risky, it is not as high as that of free weights.

4. What are the different types of resistance bands?

Resistance bands are pretty straightforward as fitness tools. That said, they also come in different types.

The most common is the tube band, which comes with a carabiner that attaches to a handle.

You can use them to target specific muscle groups, but they are also helpful when it comes to full-body workouts.

Looped bands are continuous loops suitable for push-ups, box jumps, and other similar exercises.

Figure eight bands, as the name implies, consist of two loops, forming what looks like a number eight.

It is a great exercise tool for pushing and pulling movements.

Finally, there are therapy bands that look thinner but are longer. They are not looped, but you can tie both ends into a knot.

These are used for recovery and regaining strength, as well as stretching.

5. What are the best exercises with resistance bands?

There is a resistance band exercise for every major muscle group, which is why it is a great fitness tool for full-body workouts.

Squats and lunges are best for leg muscles, as well as the kickback. Some resistance band sets come with a workout bar, making it easier to perform squats properly.

For the chest, shoulders, and back, you can do the chest fly, the row back, and the upper back.

To do the chest fly, you need to anchor the elastic bands to the top of a door or a pole behind you.

From there, you can grab one handle on each hand and pull them in front of your body. For your arms, you can do bicep curls and tricep extensions.

Simply step on the resistance band, as this would serve as its anchor.

To do the bicep curl, simply lift your hands towards your shoulders while holding one handle on each hand with palms facing upward.

For the tricep extension, hold the handles at the back of your shoulders with your elbows pointing up.

Next, straighten both arms at the elbow and slowly return to your original position.

Which Resistance Band Set Is Best for You?

The best resistance bands for building muscles offer a wide range of resistance levels, are durable, and come with a reasonable price range. 

The Luyata 24-Piece Resistance Band Set is your best option based on these standards.

It also comes with an array of accessories, allowing you to do a wide range of exercises anywhere.

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