How To Slim Thighs Without Building Muscle

Leg workouts are often some of the main focuses and key components in many women’s fitness routines. Strong legs and lean, toned thighs literally carry you throughout the day and are the basis of many workout routines – not to mention they’re very aesthetically pleasing. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with building strong and powerful … Read more

Resistance Bands vs Weights. The Ultimate Comparison

Are you stuck between choosing resistance bands and weights? There can be a lot of confusion when trying to determine which one will yield better returns for building muscle, improving your strength, or weight-loss. So, to help you break free from this confusion, we’ve created the ultimate comparison for both resistance bands vs weights. We … Read more

How To Lose Weight At Home Without Equipment

So you are ready to commit to the journey of weight-loss but are finding it difficult to justify spending money on equipment to do it. Or, maybe driving to and from the gym every day for the sake of weight-loss just doesn’t work for you and your busy schedule. Luckily for you, weight loss can … Read more