Our Editorial Process

Yes, it’s easy to say, “You must exercise and diet to stay fit and healthy.” In reality, there are dangers to it if you don’t really know what you’re doing. What makes it more dangerous is our easy access to information via the internet, with many claiming to be experts in the industry.

You’ll find several articles, videos, and other types of content demonstrating particular exercises and recommending meal plans, supplements, and other products with a promise of quick results. However, achieving your goals isn’t a walk in the park and requires consistency, time, and patience.

Hence, here at homefitnessbuilder.com, we don’t just publish content for the sake of publishing. We follow a meticulous editorial process that we’ve tested more than a few times before deciding it’s the most effective.

Keeping in mind our readers’ overall well-being, we devised six steps to ensure we only share factual, honest, objective, and updated knowledge. They are:

  1. Intensive Brainstorming
  2. Thorough Research
  3. Careful Writing
  4. Meticulous Proofreading and Editing
  5. Methodical Categorization
  6. Updating of Previous Articles

Intensive Brainstorming

The very first step we take to ensure we fill this site with essential content is to decide on the specific topics to write and publish.

What we do is read comments, messages, and emails from our readers to see suggestions or subject matters they want to read and know about. If they fit the bill or match what our site is all about and our goals, we add them to our list of articles to be written.

Each member of our team also gives topic suggestions. Then, we discuss which among the narrowed downed topics can go together in one article and those which should be written and published as a separate article.

For stand-alone articles, we brainstorm to plan them carefully so that we can decide on the appropriate information to include in every article.

Once we have a final list of article titles or subjects, we share ideas and opinions in terms of order of priority or what should be written and published first, second, and so on.

Don’t get us wrong; we value every suggestion or topic recommendation. However, following a strict content publishing schedule ensures you only read well-researched, written, and edited articles.

Plus, we respond to comments and messages, most especially if they are answerable in a few sentences, not requiring another new content or article. For example, questions and/or clarifications about the products we reviewed and tips and guides we shared.

Thorough Research

Once we have all the details for each article, our researchers put in most of the time and effort. They interview experts and professionals in the industry, such as coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists. They also read reliable resources, like published journals and studies. Whatever they find, we combine them with our own experiences.

For products, we read verified customer reviews. Our team member/s who tried the specific product also get to share their experiences. We note all these details as our team of experts try out the products, especially new equipment, or compare the same equipment from different brands and models we’ve tried before.

This research method allows us to provide our readers with scientific-based and real-life experience information.

Careful Writing

The next step is for our team of writers to curate the articles with careful attention to detail. Most of the time, the writer with the most experience in the specific subject matter accomplishes the task, even if we’re all knowledgeable and experienced in the fitness industry.

The main reason is similar to most of the steps in our editorial process: we always want to make sure we produce quality, no-nonsense, original content.

Meticulous Proofreading and Editing

We at homefitnessbuilder.com recognize the fact that none of us is perfect and will accomplish a job with 100% accuracy and precision. That’s why our team of writers ensures they proofread their work before handing it over to our editors.

Like most pieces of content you read, watch, or even listen to, it’s best to have a new set of eyes check each of the written articles.

Homefitnessbuilder.com’s team of editors does not just skim and scan through the proofed articles. They double-check every sentence structure, grammar, facts, and more in case our writers missed or overlooked something.

Methodical Categorization

Once the articles are ready, we categorize them to ensure we publish each of them in the right section (or tab) on our site. The four general categories you’ll find are:

  • Product Guides
  • Home Fitness Tips
  • Gym Building Tips
  • Diet and Nutrition

This categorization step not only makes our site look more organized but, most importantly, allows us to point you, our readers, in the right direction. That is most helpful if you want to read about a particular subject matter (category) but don’t have a specific topic (article) in mind.

You won’t have to browse the site for hours just to find one that will pique your interest. However, you’ll find that there’s a search box for each tab or section, which is beneficial if you’re already looking for a specific topic.

Reviewing Previous Articles

Like most things in life, nothing is set in stone in the fitness industry. It’s a science, so it evolves. Experts, professionals, and even enthusiasts continue to discover the most effective and safest products, routines, diets, and anything in between.

As such, our team takes time to review articles we’ve already published regularly.

We check whether some pieces of information in every blog are no longer factual or acceptable. If we do find one or more, we update them. And, of course, every rewritten article undergoes proofreading and editing.

We Do Everything We Can To Give You Quality Articles

Every content you’ll find on this site is a result of the team’s effort and time to brainstorm, research, categorize, write, proof, edit, and review. This systematic and tried-tested editorial process helps each of us improve and work together more smoothly to publish reader-friendly, true-to-experience, and scientifically-backed blogs.

That said, we also review our process to ensure our editorial process still works and then update it if and when needed.

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