How To Decide Where To Set Up A Home Gym

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You know you need to set-up some kind of home gym. Your body is craving movement, and maybe you’ve been doing a ton of sitting around. But you’re stuck. 

You’re looking around your home and wondering where to set up a home gym exactly. Maybe you’ve got more than a few options, or perhaps your space is small and you’re trying to wrap your head around how you can make it work. 

Allow us to take that decision off your plate. After all, the last thing you need is another item on your to-do list. So, let’s squash this one once and for all. That way, you can get moving on buying home gym equipment and actually exercising with it. In this article, we give you a ton of ideas for home gym setups. We also answer a couple of common questions to put your mind at ease when making this decision. 

So, are you ready to finally determine the answer to where you should set up a home gym? Let’s get down to it.

6 Home Gym Setup Ideas

There really are endless options for home gym setups. A large majority of the time, this setup depends on the space you have. Some people have full rooms they can dedicate to a home gym, while others might have a corner of a room. Alternatively, many people may require their space to be multi-functional. Below, we go through all of these options. It’s time to determine what works best for you and your home space.

1. Bedroom Setup

If you’ve got roommates, you might only have your bedroom space to play around with. And we get it; that might not be a whole lot of space. If it’s only a small area with just enough space to move your body, you’re probably going to want to opt for more storable gym equipment options, such as a foldable bench and resistance bands or dumbbells that can fit under the bed. 

Yet, if you’ve got some room next to your bed, measure it out. You might just be able to fit a power rack and weights beside it. This could give you the advantage of having everything you would ever need in a gym – all within the confines of your bedroom.


The most obvious benefit here is that you have the opportunity to workout at home. For some, that might be enough of a win – especially for those sharing the majority of their living space. 

Then, there’s the idea that you can get straight down to your workout right when you wake up. This can get it out of the way and finished before your mind has even had time to think about it. In other words, this might be an excellent option for those that tend to lose motivation as the day goes on and then brush their workout aside, which means that it never happens. When the equipment is right there first thing in the morning, you might be more inclined to get ‘er done!


The downsides? Your bedroom may end up feeling a little crowded and a little less relaxing. This might cause some issues with sleeping since our mind tends to associate our environments with certain mindsets and actions. 

2. Office Murphy Bed DIY Home Gym Setup

Want to look professional but still pump out a workout on your lunch break? The office murphy bed home gym setup may be the right fit for you. Basically, it’s like a murphy bed but instead of a bed, you’ve got all your workout gear stored away, along with a floor you can workout on lining the bottom of the hinged door. Alternatively, you could make half of your office a workout room depending on your space


You won’t have to compromise on space. And your home office will still feel like your home office when you’re not working out. 


Some may find it annoying to have to open up the murphy bed home gym each time and put it away each time. The set-up is also quite involved and takes some time to do.

3. Garage Home Gym Setups

So many people opt to put their home gym in their garages. Instead, they park their cars outside and turn this space into a whole other room in the house – minus any frills or finishings. Basically, you will need to invest in softer flooring (such as rubber gym flooring that can go over the top of the concrete) and of course, the equipment you require. 


You get so much more space with this setup. This means you can bring in the big guns, like a power rack, bench, dumbbell rack, and more. You can basically turn your garage into your own personal ‘commercial’ gym. You can also open up the garage door on nice weather days! 


Many garages aren’t as well insulated as the rest of the house. This means that in colder environments, the garage may get very chilly during certain times of the year. Yet, you can install heaters in the space to avoid this.

4. Basement Home Gym Setup

A basement is a perfect spot for a home gym setup, especially if you’re going to be lifting up and putting down heavy-weights. It won’t do any damage to your home and it won’t create noise that echos into the downstairs either. This might also help some individuals put their unfinished basements to good use.


You might end up with plenty of space for all the equipment you ever dreamed of. You can also put on music and put down weights, without bothering anyone else in your home too much.


If the basement is a place you rarely go to, your home gym may end up getting neglected. If you don’t already have a fitness routine, you might end up setting it up and forgetting it. Some basements may also be cooler, yet this can also be a huge advantage if you’re working up a sweat.

5. Backyard Home Gym Setup

Do you have zero space in your home but a ton of room in your backyard? Maybe you want to set-up your home gym outside. Generally, this will depend on the climate you reside in. But all in all, this can be a great option for some. If the weather where you live is up and down, you may want to consider having a shed or a place in your home to store the equipment so it doesn’t get damaged by mother nature.


You can get some sun and your workout done – at the same time. This home gym setup also saves you space indoors. 


Some disadvantages include the fact that some climates won’t support this type of gym. Further, some people may not have a sprawling backyard, which may mean they might not have space for much else.

6. Calisthenics Home Gym Setup

It’s not all about weight lifting and cardio! Calisthenics is a strength training exercise that involves the use of your body weight. Often, calisthenic exercisers use bars attached to a wall or rings hanging from the ceiling for their workout. This means that you don’t need much space and that you can bolt these on in a free corner of your home.


You can perform a few quick dips or pull-ups on these bars at any time while saving a ton of space and money. It’s also a very effective workout.


This isn’t a great option for individuals who have prior injuries. In this way, calisthenics can be hard on the body, especially if you’re new to it. It also requires free wall space to set this up, which might not be available to everyone.

Can I Put A Home Gym Upstairs?

Yes, you can! You will want to pay close attention to the amount of weight you’re placing in one spot though. This only really applies to advanced weightlifters. If it is simply a cardio machine or another light-weight gym set-up, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, you may want to install a special gym flooring to avoid sound traveling to the downstairs area.

Can You Put A Home Gym On Carpet?

Surprisingly, carpet is a popular option for home gym flooring. This is because it’s soft and easy on the joints, providing the cushion your body needs. Carpet also provides good grip, which is useful if you’re performing quick movements. Make sure you wash this flooring often though! Carpet can hold onto moisture, which may allow bacteria to flourish and which may also lead to the development of unwanted gym odors. 

Make Your Decision and Get Moving!

Hopefully, by now, we’ve answered your question regarding where to set up a home gym. Generally, one of the options above should be able to work for you and your space. Once you’ve got the space in mind, you can begin setting up your equipment and start achieving your all of fitness goals and more. 

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