7 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Gym From Smelling Terrible!

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Exercising at home has so many benefits. You don’t have to leave to squeeze your workout into your day. You don’t have to wait for any equipment. You also get to blast your music as loud as you want, minus any headphones. You also aren’t wasting money on an expensive gym membership.

But then… what’s the smell? Almost overnight, it seemed as though your home gym has taken on an odor all its own – one that is less than ideal. In fact, it might even deter you from wanting to use your home gym equipment altogether.

You’re racking your brain about how to keep your home gym from smelling terrible. What can you do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the tips on how you can not only prevent your home gym from smelling bad but also why this happens in the first place.

Why Do Gyms Smell Bad In The First Place?

Get this: Fresh human sweat has no odor. 

That ‘B.O.’ type smell only happens when bacteria on your skin begin to break down proteins in your sweat. This is the exact reason why you might not smell during your workout but rather afterward.

Now, we know the sweat isn’t fully staying on your skin. You’re moving around. You’re likely using multiple pieces of equipment. That sweat is flying and landing on the ground, walls, and more. And it gets into the upholstery. When you leave your home gym space and don’t air it out, this makes for a rather smelly situation.

However, if you were to air it out and wipe down your equipment after, this could potentially be significantly reduced (more on this in a bit).

The Benefits Of Keeping Your Gym Cleaner

Okay, so why bother keeping your home gym clean (besides the smell)? Here are a few benefits.

It stops bacteria from thriving

If left uncleaned, bacteria will grow. This can cause more problems than just an unpleasant smell. It can lead to a nice breeding ground, leaving you susceptible to infections, illness, and more.

Can help make your gym equipment last longer

Not cleaning can actually ruin your equipment and its longevity. If you want your nice gym equipment to last, cleaning is essential. It simply won’t last as long if you don’t. Thus, it could cost you more money down the road.

You won’t have to exercise in a smelly room

Okay, back to the odor part for a quick second. Who really wants to exercise in a place that smells? Most people don’t.

Can help prevent you from getting sick

A few examples of bacteria that can grow and flourish in your gym include the human papillomavirus, e.coli, streptococcus, influenza, and more. And you’re probably working out to improve your health – at least, on some level.

 When you don’t clean your gym equipment, you end up doing quite the opposite and are actually putting your health at risk.

7 Tips To Preventing Your Home Gym From Smelling Bad

Picture of a hand wiping down gym weight plates

So, what can you do about that smell and protect yourself and your health? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Tip #1 – Always Wear Clean Gym Clothe

Any odor that develops after an exercise session will stay on your clothes – unless you wash them. Rule of thumb: Don’t wear dirty gym clothes. It really can be that simple.

Tip #2 – Clear Out Your Gym Room.

Are you sure it’s sweat that’s making your home gym smell? From time to time (and if the smell doesn’t disappear after a good cleaning), it’s time to do some digging. Clear out the room. Is there mold or anything else that could be causing your space to produce an unwanted odor?

Tip #3 – Clean Regularly.

Wipe down your equipment after each use. It doesn’t need to be big deal, but it should be done. And this can be made easy by keeping a spray bottle and clean cloth or paper towel in the room or nearby.

Tip #4 – Ventilate.

If your home gym room isn’t ventilated, the air becomes stagnant. It doesn’t leave. This doesn’t only add to the smell, but this definitely impacts your health. For air quality, ensure your space is properly ventilated, whether this is done via a fan or open window – it doesn’t matter. Just get that air moving!

Tip #5 – Consider Getting a DeHumidifier.

For this one, you’re going to already want to have good air circulation. On top of that, a dehumidifier can help pull moisture from the air which prevents bacteria from growing. This can also help prevent mold, which is a huge plus.

Tip #6 – Do a Mold Check

Toxic mold is not a problem you want. Toxic mold releases mycotoxins, toxic chemicals, into the air. This is the same air you are breathing, and it can result in respiratory issues and severe difficulties for individuals with already existing respiratory problems or asthma. It may even lead to life-threatening conditions in immune-compromised individuals. In other words, it isn’t something you want in your life. Thus, ensure you check! Inspect the walls and under the flooring and carpet.

Tip #7 – Use Air Fresheners

This last tip is typically most people’s solution for unwanted smells. While air fresheners will mask the odor, it might not fully eliminate it. And even when you do as much as you can to prevent odor in your gym, you may still end up with a little bit of a smell. This can easily be remedied by using baking soda. 

You simply keep a box or two open in your gym. Another option is natural air fresheners which are also best for getting rid of smells altogether. Try to avoid the fake stuff, since this tends to just add more chemicals into the mix.

Say Goodbye to That Ungodly Smell!

You no longer need to wonder how to keep your home gym from smelling. You now know! Use the 7 tips above to help reduce and eliminate your home gym smell. Take forth this knowledge and keep up your healthy exercise regime – without smells or bacteria getting in your way.

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