How To Make A Home Boxing Gym – A Quick Guide!

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Boxing isn’t just a great workout. It can also serve as a way to defend yourself – if the need ever arises. On top of this, it’s empowering, helps relieve stress, builds muscle, and boosts confidence. And who doesn’t want that?

Maybe you’re new to boxing or perhaps you’ve been doing it for a while. Either way, you’re searching for tips and tricks on how to make a home boxing gym. That way, you can reap all of  the benefits that this type of workout has to offer. But where do you begin? Sit back and relax. We’ve got all the info you need to know regarding how to make your very own home boxing gym. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

What Do You Need For A Boxing Home Gym? The Essentials

Generally, you can create a boxing home gym with just a few items. The basics are a heavy enough boxing bag and mitt gloves to protect your hands. 

But a few words of warning here: If you intend on only hitting the heavy bag, ensure you get heavy bag gloves. These won’t wear down and offer ideal protection. If you intend on sparring with a friend, do not use these gloves. You could seriously hurt your sparring partner. Instead, use sparring gloves in this scenario. Maybe, depending on the style of workout you want to do, you need both. 

Then, there’s the heavy bag – an essential for any boxing gym. These are simply the basics. We’ll go into more detail regarding different elements of a homemade boxing gym below that you may want to consider.

DIY Boxing Equipment Ideas

For those that like to take matters into their own hands, you can actually make your own punching bag and slip bag (which is used to work on your head movement). However, these will take quite a bit of work. If you’re not worried about that, then all the power to you!

Make Your Own Heavy Bag!

Begin this process by purchasing a big army duffle bag that’s heavy-duty and water-resistant. Got worn-out clothes or blankets lying around? Throw them into your bag. Once you have a decent pile, add sand to fill the rest of the space. Do so until the bag reaches about 75 pounds in weight. 

Mount it by using carabiners and chains. And there you have it – a DIY heavy bag! Unfortunately, you will still likely need to invest in proper mitts to ensure your hands are sufficiently protected. Yet, this may significantly reduce your cost if you’ve got the time and you want to lower your budget.

The Main Elements Of A Homemade Boxing Gym

Okay – besides the basics (a heavy bag and mitts), what else might you want for your home boxing gym? Here are some ideas!

1. A Speed Bag

The speed bag is an excellent piece of equipment for getting into a rhythm, amping up your endurance, and getting that speed element into play. The speed bag further forces you to keep your hands up which can help when blocking opponents in real boxing rings. 

2. Focus Mitts and Punch Pads

Want to practice your boxing skills with a friend? You’ll want to invest in focus mitts and punch pads. This can also improve your endurance, while also helping increase the accuracy of your punch. At the same time, your friend or boxing buddy can watch your form close up and offer any pointers to improve and in real-time. 

3. Hand Wraps

The human hand takes a beating with every punch. But hand wraps can help lessen the blow! Go for cotton wraps with velcro for easy use and optimal protection.

4. The Uppercut Bag

Similar to the heavy bag, the uppercut bag is mounted. However, it can be adjusted for your height and you can practice uppercuts when training alone. 

5. A Wrecking Ball

This one will also help you practice uppercuts, as well as overhand shots. You can try different angles compared to other equipment and even practice ducking and weaving.

6. Good Flooring

You probably don’t want to be jumping around on concrete or any other hard surfaces for that matter. Like any other home gym, purchase gym floorings, such as rubber mats or carpeting. This will make your workout easier on your joints and reduce your risk of injury.

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Step By Step Guide On How To Build A Home Boxing Gym

Are you ready to start building? Here are all the steps you need.

Step 1: Budget It Out

Before you purchase anything, you’ll want to plan a budget. In no way should creating a home gym put you into the hole. Check out your budget and plan accordingly. It’s also important to note (which is also elaborated more thoroughly in Step 4) that you can simply start with a few basic pieces of equipment and gradually add from there.

Step 2: Assess and Plan Your Space

Alright, you’ve got a budget! Now, where is your home boxing gym going to go? Plan a space out in your home. Measure your space and ensure the equipment you want to buy will fit accordingly so that you can use it with ease. The last thing you want is to be running into a wall while you’re punching a heavy bag.

Step 3: Purchase the Basics

Grab that heavy bag and mitts. Put down proper flooring, if needed, to protect your joints. Then, mount your heavy bag. These are very simple items that can get you started and that will get you sweating! 

Step 4: Add as You Need and As Much as Your Budget Allows

If the heavy bag isn’t cutting it for you, you can add more. Again, this comes back to your budget and what it allows. Maybe you can only add one piece per month or perhaps your budget is bigger and you can purchase all the items right away. Make your decision based on your needs and how much you can reasonably afford. 

Now that you know how to make a home boxing gym, get boxing! It’s an incredible workout that can help you burn off extra stress and get stronger.

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