How To Set Up A CrossFit Gym Like A Pro

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CrossFit has been the fitness rage for years now. This high-intensity functional interval training is good for anyone looking to get incredibly fit, since it involves a mix of Olympic lifting, weight-training, and intense conditioning. It’s also friendly enough for any activity level, since there are plenty of variations that can accommodate everyone from kids to seniors. 

Since many people are making the switch from official gyms (or boxes, as they’re called in the CrossFit world) to working out from home, we thought it would be useful to break down how to set up a home CrossFit gym so you can stay fit and challenged no matter the circumstances. 

Let’s get into it!

The Main Benefits Of Building A CrossFit Home Gym


Unlike working out at a box gym, having your CrossFit gym at home will mean that you will never have to wait for the squat rack or the weight plates that you need to get your workout in. 

You’re also less likely to skip a workout when you don’t have to drive to your nearest gym


There’s a lot of upfront cost involved in building a home gym, but remember: you’re also going to be saving a lot of money in the long run. The cost of a box gym membership can be pretty steep and can range anywhere from $75-$225 a month, depending on how often you go! 

By building your own CrossFit gym at home instead, you’ll be able to use your workout equipment whenever you’d like and get more for your money.


Since you’re in full control of the build of your own gym, you can easily customize the kinds of equipment that you get and the workouts-of-the-day (WODs) that you choose to do. This is good news for anyone, but especially so if you have to modify your workouts or can’t do the full routines you would normally do at your local CrossFit gym. 

What Equipment Do I Need For A Home CrossFit Gym?

You’ll need a couple of key pieces to build your Home CrossFit gym. CrossFit training can be divided into weightlifting and cardio circuits, so you’ll need equipment for both. 

In general, you’ll want to have a barbell and rubber plates with a rack so you can perform your squats and deadlifts, plus some other functional pieces of weightlifting equipment like kettlebells and dumbbells. 

Cardio is an important factor in CrossFit as well, so you might benefit from having at least one piece of cardio equipment to work up a sweat. Popular options in CrossFit include rowing machines, battle ropes, and assault bikes. 

Bodyweight training, which is good for both strength and cardio, is also a huge component of CrossFit training, so you’ll want to have the right equipment for that as well. This can include things like boxes for jumping, pull-up bars, and Olympic rings.

What Are The CrossFit Home Gym Essentials?

Let’s boil it down to the essentials: 


The squats, snatch-and-cleans, and deadlifts are all essential parts of the CrossFit experience. Make sure your barbell is Olympic standard.  


You’ll need some plates to go with that barbell! For CrossFit moves, you will definitely want to use rubber bumper plates, rather than cast-iron, since you’re going to be dropping them and don’t want them (or your floor) to crack. 

Squat Rack

You can either buy a full power cage squat rack or a wall-mounted rack to save some room. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s high-quality and sturdy enough to last through your heaviest workouts. 

Pullup Bar

Pull ups are one of the cornerstones for bodyweight workouts, so you’ll want to make sure you have a bar. If you have a squat rack, you might have a pull up bar attached – otherwise you can buy standalone pull up bars or even bars that you can mount to the top of your doorframe if you’re short on space. 


Any good weightlifting routine also needs a weightlifting bench. There are several options out there, from flat and fixed to angled and adjustable. Take into consideration the kinds of workouts that you’ll be doing and buy accordingly. 


A staple in any home gym, dumbbells are a great option for handheld and versatile free weights. The weight range you buy will vary based on your fitness level, so make sure you’re confident in handling the weights and that they give you a good workout.  


In addition to dumbbells, kettlebells are another crucial piece for CrossFit movements since they introduce asymmetrical weight and functional movement. 

How Much Does It Typically Cost To Build A CrossFit Gym?

Building your own CrossFit gym might give you a little sticker shock initially, but there’s some pretty great payoffs when you consider how much you would save by not paying your monthly gym fees. 

According to Garage Gym Reviews, the average cost for building a home gym is approximately $1,330. Now, this cost doesn’t include a range of dumbbells or any cardio equipment, but it’s not too steep of a price compared to the box gyms!

How Much Space Do I Need When Building A CrossFit Home Gym?

You’ll need a decent amount of room for your gym, but it doesn’t have to be huge if you map everything out correctly. 

In CrossFit, your biggest piece of equipment is probably going to be your squat rack and any free weights and storage that you may need to buy. 

You’ll also definitely need space to do your bodyweight workouts like push-ups and burpees. According to the American Council on Exercise, you can expect a multi-station gym like this to run anywhere from 50 to 200 square feet, so plan accordingly! 

Other considerations

  • Good flooring: You’ll definitely need to make sure that you have good, impact-proof flooring for your home gym since you’ll be dropping a lot of heavy weights and jumping around. Rubber flooring tends to be a good choice since it’s thick and well-insulated.
  • Somewhere to write your WODs: CrossFit is known for its WODs, which outline the exact workouts and the amount of reps you have to do them every day. It would probably benefit you to have a whiteboard or chalkboard somewhere in your home gym so you can keep track and keep you motivated to finish mid-workout. You can even use chalkboard paint to seamlessly incorporate it into your gym décor!
  • General atmosphere: Setting up your home CrossFit gym to be welcoming is a great way to actually encourage you to work out in it more often. Try setting it up where you get some natural lighting and air circulation, add some mirrors so you can watch your form, and if applicable, enlist someone else in your household to join you and keep you motivated for every daily workout!

Summing It All Up!

CrossFit is an incredibly rewarding workout when done correctly. Building a home CrossFit gym can be an ambitious undertaking, but it can really pay off when you’re able to control your workouts, the environment, and the money that goes into it. With a little bit of planning and budgeting, you should be able to get an adequately intense workout to keep you challenged and making those fitness gains. 

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